Introducing WE ARE PARADOXX Hair Care

“...The PARADOXX is my desire to bring together what seemed like two ends of the spectrum -
good clean formulations, that really bloody work.” Yolanda Cooper, Founder.

WE ARE PARADOXX is a new Irish haircare brand that does things differently. Environmentally
responsible, socially conscious, and offering products that are natural, packed full of organic extracts
and REALLY deliver.

The gender-whatever hair care collection was developed by founder Yolanda Cooper to
match the high performance, clean skincare brands she so often sought out. She chose a
chemist with the cleanest credentials to assist her and sought out the purest, most powerful
ingredients she could to create a 90% plastic-free hair care line that surpassed all others.

The brand doesn’t just care what goes into the products, but also what the products go
into. Determined to find a viable eco-friendly alternative to plastic, the line is housed in
reusable aluminium.

Every product is infused with powerful Irish extracts including whiskey, hops, seaweed,
moss, clover, nettle and Celtic salt, and the entire line is vegan, cruelty free and toxin-free.

The collection comprises care and styling products designed to suit all hair types, and be
used in whatever way suits the individual. WE ARE PARADOXX exists to allow you to be
your own stylist; and create looks at home to express yourself and your mood.

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