Simplify your beauty routine for 2019

Simplify your beauty routine for 2019

Here we are now at the end of our first week ‘back’ after ringing in the new year; full of optimism, resolutions and good intentions for our minds and bodies.

Instead of layering our lives with over-reaching ambitions of being gym-bunnies, eating our greens everyday and being kinder folk to all around us, let’s break it down to 3 simple steps that are achievable and will make your beauty routine more beneficial for 2019: 

1)      Use a hair mask once a month

Your hair is one of your greatest assets, you wear it every day! Take care of it by treating it to an intense mask just once a month. The benefits will be evident from the first use and you can then get used to gorgeous compliments from your family and friends.

2)      Be strict with your skincare regime

Taking care of your skin is a must-have resolution for 2019. If you find that the harsh winter weather (and excesses of Christmas!) are taking its toll on your skin, you can give your skin a much-needed boost by incorporating a caring approach into your daily skincare routine. Allow yourself that extra five minutes in the morning and at night (especially at night, when the skin is at its most receptive), to give your skin a thorough cleanse using a cleansing balm or oil, followed by a serum and day cream/night cream and eye cream. Your skin will thank you for it!

3)      Clean your makeup brushes 

Our brushes typically go from our makeup bag into our product, to our faces and then even to our vanity table surfaces, all building up countless amounts of bacteria before we come back and pick them up and use them again the next day. While we all dread to think of nasties building up on our brushes, it is a fact that dirty brushes do transfer bacteria to the skin and can also cause make up to look muddy and unfinished because of the build-up of product on them. The bristles on your brushes can become weakened too from excess product, causing them to be damaged and therefore not as effective in applying the product correctly. You can simply avoid this by have two products in your arsenal: a spot cleaning brush cleaner to use every day / every other day and a more thorough brush cleaner to use once a week. 

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