Tara O'Farrell's Top 10 Beauty Kit Must-Haves!

Tara O'Farrell's Top 10 Beauty Kit Must-Haves!

Top makeup artist, Tara O'Farrell has shared with us her Top 10 Beauty Kit Must-Haves! Over to you Tara... 

You don’t need a million products to achieve a perfect make up look every time. I have a few absolute essentials that will definitely speed up your make up routine and also make a huge difference to the end result.

Nude Eyeliner
This is something that everyone should have in their make up bag. A nude liner on the waterline is the quickest way to fake a good night’s sleep. It also makes small eyes appear to be bigger and brighter.

Liquid Illuminator
This is such a good addition to your make up routine. A couple of drops of a liquid illuminator mixed in with your regular foundation will completely transform the appearance of your skin.  It will instantly make the skin appear more radiant.

Lip Liner
One of my desert island must haves, a natural lip colour lip liner is the easiest way to make your lips look fuller. Simply lining the natural lip line will enhance your lip shape.

We all have different skin requirements that we look for when choosing our foundation but one thing that I think is essential to get from your foundation is staying power. A long lasting foundation that will last the whole day long and also give you the coverage you require is something that we should all have in our make up kit.

Under Eye Concealer
I have quite dark circles under my eyes so I do rely on a good coverage under eye concealer to take away the tired look. I always recommend choosing an under eye concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation to give a brightening and lifting effect under the eye.

Every woman has a certain shade of lipstick that makes them feel their best. My personal choice is always a nude, as it enhances and adds volume to the lips but if red lipstick is your thing then make sure you have a fabulous one at the ready!

When it comes to choosing your primer is all depends on your skin type.  I have oily skin so I always look for a pore minimizing and mattifying primer. If you have a drier skin type go for an illuminating and hydrating primer.

Mascara is a real instant fix and great way to open up the eyes and make your eyes appear to be bigger. I always apply one layer, leave it to dry and then apply a second coat for extra volume.  The tips of your natural lashes are usually transparent so adding mascara to the lashes instantly will add length.

A matte bronzer is the best way to add dimension to the face.  Simply apply in the shape of the number 3 down the two sides of the face to add warmth and definition to the face.

A powder highlighter is an essential addition to your make up routine. I recommend applying it to the tear duct to brighten up the eye, the Cupid’s bow to add volume to the lips and the top of the cheekbone to give the skin a fabulous glow.

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