Key makeup tools by Tara O'Farrell

Key makeup tools by Tara O'Farrell

Sometimes it can be confusing wondering how many make up brushes you need in your make up bag.
A few essentials are all you need to achieve most make up looks.

• A good foundation brush that you can buff your liquid foundation on with is ideal for achieving a flawless finish to your base.

• A big fluffy powder brush is important for setting the base and also to help achieve a soft contour.

• A fluffy eyeshadow brush is key to a blending Smokey eye, this is probably the most important brush for your eye makeup. It makes blending so much easier.

• A hard-angled brush is a good one to have if you are going to be attempting eyeliner, this will make it so much easier for you. It’s also a good one to have for a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

• A makeup sponge is great for a natural coverage especially for covering blemishes and redness. A small beauty blender is also great for coverage for under the eyes.

• Keeping your make up brushes and sponges clean is extremely important. You can buy a solid brush cleaner that is so quick and easy to use and for a quick fix you can get an antibacterial make up brush cleaning spray.

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