James Read's Fool Proof Tanning Tips

James Read's Fool Proof Tanning Tips

How to Apply:
James’ fool proof way to apply a seamless and professional looking tan relies on working product into the body in stages. Map out the different sections of your body and methodically buff your tan into the skin. Avoid any creams or oils on the skin prior to tanning which may cause patchiness in your tan result.
For an ultimate dark tan result, try James’ layering technique. After you have applied a layer, wait 30 minutes before applying a second layer. This is a great way to get the tan result you want, but it also helps your tan fade more evenly and makes sure you don’t miss any bits!

Using a tanning mitt, apply the product to the mitt, then fold it in half so that it dilutes the tan. Apply product onto the forehead, cheeks and chin. Buff the product into the skin, up into the hairline, over the jaw and behind the ears.

Work any excess product from the face down the front of the neck and around the back for a natural looking tan result.

Gently buff the product into the skin. Be careful not to over rub.

Once you have covered the chest and stomach, starting from the left shoulder, smooth the tan over the back with downward sweeping motions. Repeat this on the right.
Then starting at the base of the spine, working the product upwards, ensuring you apply product to the sides of the body. Take a wooden spoon, put your tanning mitt over it and secure with an elastic band. The long handle will allow you to spread the tan evenly and reach the centre of the back with ease. 

Using the tanning mitt, apply the product in downward strokes from the shoulder to wrist.
Rotate the arm and work the self-tan from the front to the back. Bend the fingers and glide the excess product from the arms over the hands and fingers. Rub a small amount of moisturiser to areas that you want to look more natural or areas that can sometimes become too dark, such as the sides of the hands and armpits. Check out James' video on how to avoid over-tanned elbows!

Using the tanning mitt smooth the product down the legs from hip to ankle, making sure you go around the back of the thighs and calves. Larger surface areas can seem lighter when using tanning products so if necessary, apply an extra layer. Glide the excess product from the legs over your toes and feet.


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