Our Makeup in a Mask

Our Makeup in a Mask

Our makeup habits have shifted, in line with everything we call normal in recent times. But what should our makeup routine consist of now and how do we get the very best out of our favourite looks when half of our face is covered every time we go out in public? 

We look at the latest trends emerging in the industry and share with you our top 5 tips on what to wear and how to wear it... 

1. Prep your Skin: 

Wearing a mask can irritate your skin – we’ve all heard the talk about “maskne” and the breakouts that long periods of wearing a mask can cause. 

If you start by cleansing your skin thoroughly this will help to keep pores open and prevent dirt and oils from being trapped on the skin’s surface. Try a gentle cleansing milk like REN Clean Skincare Evercalm which is ideal for sensitised skin. 

Apply moisturiser to the skin, this will not only keep your skin hydrated, it will also create a barrier for the skin to protect it from the contact points of the mask. One with a built-in SPF is always a good option, like Trilogy Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF 15

Throughout the day if you can, spritz your skin with a hydrating facial spray such as Pestle & Mortar Balance which can de-stress the skin, balance sebum production while calming and clarifying the skin.  


2. All about the Base: 

Foundation is hard to resist if you usually wear it, but if you must, then try to wear it sparingly.

Foundation is likely to clog your pores since the skin is unable to breathe if it is covered for long periods throughout the day. The mask will also cause your makeup base to smudge and will likely transfer onto the face mask.

If you must wear foundation, choose transfer proof or light formulas that won’t be heavy on the skin and will be less likely to smudge. Why not try a Tinted Moisturiser instead and then use concealer around the eyes and sides of the nose to conceal any pigmentation in the skin? Setting your base with a light translucent powder can also help to create a barrier between the mask and the skin but keep it very light. Remember to wash your mask regularly because the build-up of bacteria in the mask will undoubtedly cause breakouts too. 


3. Above the Mask – the Eyes: 

Eye makeup tips is one of the most trending makeup searches on Google currently, probably because we can see so little of the rest of the face.

Certainly, you can create impact with great eye makeup despite the mask! Try some new trends in shadows like pink or purple eye shadow or why not experiment with liner? Delilah Gel Liner in Ebony is a striking product to use to create a real impact with your eyeliner.

Add some false lashes for that wide-eyed look and you are ready to go. A little liquid highlighter, such as theBalm Mary Dew Manizer popped into the corner of the eye can also brighten the eyes for a more polished look.

Finish with a coat of volumizing mascara to lift and darken your lashes. 

Gel liner

4. Frame the Face:

Our brows define the face and finish off any makeup look, more so than ever now since only our eye area is visible above the mask.

Unruly or light brows stand out all the more now that the face is half covered, so take the time to groom your brows for a more polished appearance. A brow pencil such as theBalm Furrowcious Brow Pencil with built in spooley is ideal to fill in sparse hairs and brush the brows into shape. Apply a little brow gel to hold them in place. 


5. What about the Lips? 

Hidden for most of the day, but arguably our most expressive part of our face, what about our lips? Should we wear lipstick?

In times of economic difficulty in the past, lipstick was the go-to luxury that consumers enjoyed as a treat and saw the “lipstick effect” emerge. This crisis is different since the onset of the mask has taken away that need.

Lipstick will most likely just end up on the other side of the mask rather than on your lips so try opting for a tinted lip balm instead. This will keep your lips hydrated and combat the effect of the constant mask-wearing which can result in repeated licking of lips and skin becoming irritated and dry. Burt’s Bees range of tinted lip balms are deliciously hydrating and 100% natural, with a choice of shades to suit your mood. 

So, has the day of the lippy gone forever? Definitely not. We say make the most of your favourite lipsticks for your Zoom calls. 


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