Meet the Founder: Rupert Kingston, co-founder of delilah cosmetics

Meet the Founder: Rupert Kingston, co-founder of delilah cosmetics

Meet the Founder: Rupert Kingston, co-founder of delilah cosmetics 

We were delighted to start the year with an opportunity to get some insights into the world of a makeup maestro, Rupert Kingston, who shared with us some of his learnings over the years, what inspired him to develop the delilah range, and what’s next on his agenda… 

After so many years in the industry, what inspired you to create a range of your own? 

I had been working as a Creative Director for a while doing brand and product development, I was always amazed that there were no high-end brands focussing on a cleaner approach to formulation. We wanted to create something a little simpler, that wasn’t overloaded with too many colour choices. 

I also believe that now more than ever, customers are turning away from the huge brands and looking to the niche brands who are more trustworthy and tell a simpler story.

What was your ambition with delilah? What did you want to do differently? 

We loved the idea that you could elevate the packaging so that the products looked and felt gorgeous, we were inspired by the timeless beauty of the old-fashioned compacts and lipsticks, products that looked and felt precious. The look and feel of the brand came very quickly, we all shared this ideal of a simplistic approach to colour and an absolute desire to create formulations that really perform. 

As animal lovers, it was important to us that the whole brand was cruelty free and Vegan, there really aren’t many colour brands like us at the moment

Our focus right now is gorgeous glowing skin. The products we are best known for are the products that make up the 4-step signature delilah glow, 1. Prime 2. Illuminate 3. Cover & 4. Glow

What is your top tip as a makeup artist and beauty brand founder? 

The big mistake most women make is that they take just a few products and apply them too heavily. Great makeup is about learning how to use fine layers of a few more products than you usually use. It won’t take any longer to do but it will look smoother and cleaner on the skin and feel more comfortable too.

What question do you get asked the most? 

I actually get asked a lot whether I wear makeup myself!  I don’t, I never really have. There was a time in the early 90’s while I was still a student when I would use a little concealer to cover a spot, or some bronzer if I was looking pale. I certainly wear it if I am going on camera, but these days I really like to have a simple grooming routine, not sure my wife would like me wearing more make up than her!!

If you were to pick one hero product in the delilah range, which one would you choose and why? 

It’s tricky but I would have to say our makeup primer, everyone just loves it and it works so well. I am forever converting customers to using our primer every day. The texture is beautiful, almost like a jellied serum that just melts into the skin, then the skin feels velvety and silky without a trace of stickiness. After applying, the make up just glides on and stay on!

What is next for delilah? Can you share any of your plans for new innovations? 

I can’t tell you too much about our plans for product launches, but I can say that we will continue to focus on the three elements that define delilah; luxury, simplicity and a principled approach to formulation. 

We have a couple of great launches for this year that fit into our concept for glowing skin, watch this space… 

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