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We can tend to be very conscious of our facial skincare in winter, but what about our bodies? The skin on our exposed legs, arms and hands can really suffer this time of year, and even the areas that are unexposed to the elements can bear the brunt of the changing temperatures from cold – to – hot as we navigate through our day.

Here are 5 Winter Skin Remedies to help your body feel at its best!

1. Avoid hot showers

Hot water might be tempting when you want to feel warm and cosy in the shower or bath this time of year, but if the temperature of the water is too hot, the water will strip the natural oils from your skin, and leave it feeling tight, dry and more susceptible to flaking.

2. Moisturise skin whilst damp 

Always gently pat skin dry after showering, rather than rubbing the surface of the skin. Applying your body oil or body lotion to slightly damp skin will help retain more moisture and leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed!

3. Check ingredients 

Some ingredients are more hydrating than others – and some, in fact, will dry out your skin! So look for ingredients that will help boost moisture and nourish the skin such as Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Shea Butter or Sunflower Seed Oil. If your skin is particularly dry and very sensitive, try avoiding fragranced products to avoid itching or irritation. Don’t forget to check the ingredients in your shower gel too!

4. Don’t forget hands and lips

We are all a bit guilty of forgetting to protect the exposed bits at this time of year, and our hands and lips are always on the front line. Protect hands by regularly using hand lotion, even try to include as part of your hand-washing routine throughout the day. Choose a specific formula for hands and you will find that it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy or overly damp, and you can then get on with your day. For the lips, regular use of a lip balm will keep dry skin at bay and protect skin on the lips from chapping or flaking, allowing you to wear your favourite lipstick or lip balm with ease, without having to worry about extra dry lips.

5. Drink lots of water 

It might seem like a typical New-year-new you mantra, but keeping your body hydrated from the inside out is a proven tried and trusted way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Think of it as topping up your body’s hydration levels regularly, especially in winter when our skin can’t retain as much moisture. It also helps with energy levels, and overall wellbeing!


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Live life, love beauty x

What’s all the fuss about? Well by now you will probably have heard about Nanoblur from Indeed Laboratories being used in TV show, Euphoria by the lead makeup artist in place of powder. After blowing up on TikTok, we thought we should explore what is it that makes it such a sensation?


  1. The formula – for sure the proof of its success is in the pudding, so to speak! Without losing you with the science-bit, the Nanoblur Instant Skin Perfector formula has a nano-optic prism complex which is an emulsion of spherical elastomer powder that diffuses light and blurs optics. Translation?  It creates a seamless blurring effect on pores, wrinkles, and instantly mattifies shine to create a filtered look, but in real life.
  2. Why Pro-MUAs love it – unlike powder that can get dry, crease, and create a “cakey” look on the skin when applied throughout the day, Nanoblur is virtually invisible. Its cream-like texture allows it to be applied BOTH under and over makeup, to create the most natural-looking, smooth finish.

How to use Nanoblur:

Tip: Nanoblur can be applied with your fingertips or with a beauty sponge


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Huge thanks to the Health Beauty & Wellness Awards from Luxe Life magazine for awarding The Beauty Kit Best Online Skincare Brand Retailer in Republic of Ireland.

We have always put a strong focus and emphasis on our skincare offering and it is a great privilege for a small business such as ours to be acknowledged in such a way.

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Thanks to all of our customers for their loyalty and support!

We are delighted to announce that our founder, Anne Gallagher will be keynote speaker at the Fingal Enterprising Women Network annual summer event, speaking on the topic of How to Build a Powerful Brand.

Hosted by LEO Fingal and facilitated by Sharon Rossignuolo, this highly engaging and practical “Branding Brilliance” session aims to share top tips on:

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The anti-ageing solution with zero compromise. What if you gave your skin the ultimate in anti-ageing?

Inspired by epigenetic science, Caudalie and Harvard University have co-patented a revolutionary technology which stimulates youth proteins in the skin and corrects the 8 signs of ageing.

It has been named TET8™ and stems from 10 years of cutting-edge research, and you can find it in the new Premier Cru collection which concentrates the best of Caudalie anti-ageing expertise.

The Science Bit:

Over the past 10 years, the Harvard Medical School has established itself in epigenetics, a science that demonstrates how our lifestyle influences our body’s ageing process.


Together with Caudalie, this new research has identified a rejuvenating enzyme named TET, that enables scientists to reverse this process.


A unique pharmaceutical active ingredient was required to activate this enzyme and multiply its action. This is why the Caudalie Natural Formulation Laboratory has selected Honokiol and combined it with Resveratrol.


Honokiol boosts the TET8™ enzyme. Combined with Resveratrol, its effects are multiplied, enabling it to act directly on the skin’s youth proteins and as such correct the 8 signs of ageing.


This new technology has been filed as a new patent, called TET8™ Technology, filed by Caudalie x Harvard Medical School

Premier Cru expertise is also an exclusive blend of Caudalie’s best anti-ageing active ingredients:

Honokiol – derived from magnolia and obtained by eco-extraction

Resveratrol – from vine shoots harvested in France

Natural Hyaluronic Acid – plumps the skin with moisture

Grape Seed Polyphenols – which prevent wrinkles and block free radicals

Tightening sugars – with a tightening effect that can be seen in 3 minutes and last up to 6 hours

Viniferine – with an exceptional anti-dark spot action


The Results:

Wrinkles reduced: 93%
Fine Lines diminished: 87%
Dark spots corrected: 93%
Radiant complexion: 93%
Firmer skin: 97%
Improved elasticity: 96%
Plumper skin: 94%
Moisturised skin: 100%

Caudalie’s clean and sustainable commitment

0 compromise on naturalness with:

97% natural origin ingredients

0% parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, PEG, silicones, animal ingredients



0 compromise on sustainability:

For the first time, Caudalie has designed refillable and recyclable capsules for The Cream and The Rich Cream.

These capsules are more eco-friendly and when purchased enable Caudalie to save about 3.12 tonnes of multi-material packaging and 18 tonnes of glass.

Just like the capsules, the glass jars are recyclable.

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Facial serums and oils are goal-oriented skincare products that fall outside your core skincare routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise, SPF)  to provide a specific benefit or address a particular concern.

The big difference between serums and oils is that they have different functions in your routine, and they are applied at different steps.

Although most beauty brands are making valiant efforts to shift the balance, the potential for impact relies on consumer buy-in. It’s super-important that you know how to recycle, upcycle, and choose sustainable beauty products so that we’re all working together to minimise environmental damage and create a better future for our planet. At a glance:


– Nourishing
– Mimic the skin’s natural sebum
– Large molecular size
– Seal-in other nutrients
– Balances oil production
– Apply as the final step in your routine


– Potent
– Active
– Small molecular size
– Penetrate deep within the skin
– Targets a specific goal
– Apply after cleansing/toning

Serums are enormously penetrative and deliver potent active ingredients deep within the dermal layers.

Oils are nourishing and balancing. They lock nutrients from other products into the skin and enhance the skin’s ability to keep itself moisturised in a balanced  way. 

Contrary to what many people think, a good facial oil will not make your skin oilier. The right facial oil will tell the skin, ‘you have enough oil!’, and reduce the natural production of it.


The general rule of thumb is to apply products in order of the smallest molecular size to the biggest, and the easiest way to figure this out is to start with the lightest textured products first. Layer your skincare from light to heavy.

Serums are lightweight, almost water-like in consistency and should be applied after cleansing and toning and before moisturising. They are often dispensed with a dropper and 2-3 drops should be enough.

Serums are expensive because they are packed with great active ingredients. So, less-is-more. There is no extra benefit to gain once you go beyond a couple of drops!

Apply facial oils at the end of your routine. Use 1-2 drops in your palm, rub together lightly, and gently press into your skin.


These targeted treatment products make a huge difference to the overall health and appearance of your skin and so it’s worth investing in them to boost your routine.


Flood your skin with moisture by adding a hyaluronic serum to your routine. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that should really be part of everyone’s routine as it is intensely hydrating and skin-softening. A great hyaluronic serum will instantly plump up your skin and reduce fine lines – it’s like a big drink of water for skin!

A great option is Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum 


If you worry about dull skin, dark spots, and a lacklustre complexion, a Vitamin C serum is your best friend. Vitamin C accelerates the production of elastin so that skin stays firm and plump. It is packed with youth-giving antioxidants that restore a smooth and glowing appearance.

Try Pestle & Mortar Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum


A retinoid night oil will work as you sleep to supercharge your skin with retinol benefits. Retinoids reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. They also stimulate new blood vessels in the skin, which in turn improves skin colour and tone. The problem with retinol as an ingredient is that it can cause irritation, leading to redness, itchiness, and peeling skin. Superstar retinoid night oil is gentle enough for all skin types but powerful enough to deliver lasting retinol benefits.

Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinoid Night Oil is a great addition to your skincare routine


With thanks to Pestle & Mortar

Serums and oils in skincare explained – Pestle & Mortar (pestleandmortar.com)

Most of us find our skin becomes drier, more sensitive, irritated and redder in the winter months and our skin is more easily damaged, more reactive and even wrinkles are exacerbated as sometimes our lines are actually dehydration lines!

This is all because the colder temperatures, fluctuating temperatures, central heating, lower humidity, less UV light in winter all lead to water loss from skin which of course causes dry skin. As the air becomes drier, water evaporates from our skin and the colder it is, the less hydrated our skin is!

These fluctuating temperatures can cause blood vessels to become weak from expanding and contacting so much, resulting in broken vessels.

Also, on the inside, less lipids and ceramides are being produced, the natural exfoliation process speeds up, there’s less sweat being excreted, less oil being produced which all leads to less oil and an off balance pH!

Those who suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or dermatitis will suffer more but everyone will suffer from drier skin and more frequent chapping or irritation.

So how can we fix these issues?

We need to focus on hydrating, nourishing, protecting and strengthening our skin and we can do so by swapping for richer products.

Starting with cleansing, ditch your squeaky clean cleanser as it removes skins natural lipids and worsens dryness. Switch to balm, oil or milk cleansers instead as they contain little to no surfactants, reducing the potential of causing dry, irritated skin.

Hydrating mist are going to be your skins best friend. These have the smallest water molecules so can penetrate the skin best and you can hydrate on the go with them and top up as much as you want! Keep one such as Pestle & Mortar Balance, at your desk, in your car or in your handbag.

Hyaluronic acid needs no introduction, it’s a great hydrator but to get maximum results, always ensure you use it on damp skin and always seal in it with a moisturiser afterwards.

Speaking of moisturisers, switch to richer ones, look for these barrier boosting ingredients petroleum, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Shea butter, cholesterols, ceramides, squalane, urea, niacinamide, peptides, panthenol and plant seed oils. Apply occlusive ingredients over your moisturiser to seal in moisture such as Vaseline, lanolin or facial oil.

Adding a facial oil into your routine is recommended as it’s adds an extra bit of much needed TLC. You can either use between your serum and moisturiser, after your moisturiser as above,  or add a few drops to your moisturiser if you prefer.

Don’t forget your SPF, it’s vital for protecting the skins barrier, even in winter as 90% of UV rays can penetrate cloud so don’t skip this step just because there’s no sun!

The eyes and lips are extra vulnerable to dehydration as they’re thinner and have less oil glands so ensure you’re using hydrating ingredients in these products too. Try Aliso Beauty lip balm.

A twice weekly hydrating mask is ideal for an extra hydration mask and leave on, sleep in ones are even better.

What about actives? 

You may need to reduce or avoid the use of actives, especially if you find your skin is extra sensitive to them. You can switch to gentler alternatives e.g. bakuchiol for retinol, Q10 for vitamin C and PHA for AHA’S until the barrier is repaired. Actives can’t work on an impaired barrier either so you’re wasting your time and money if using them on damaged skin, not to mention making the problem worse!

Body and Hand care

The hands are just as exposed as the face so apply the residue from your facial products  to them as well as a hydrating hand cream at night and one containing an SPF in the daytime.

Finally, the body suffers the same woes as the face but by applying your body oils and creams to damp skin they’ll penetrate better, and will be more hydrated as a result and also lower the thermostat to 20 degrees in the shower and avoid hot baths too.

Supplement wise, especially if you don’t eat a lot of oily fish, nuts or seeds, an omega 3 supplement is incredibly effective as it’s known as your body’s internal moisturiser.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air so may be a good addition to your home during the winter months also.


For more information and tips from Sally, follow @irishbeautyfairy on Instagram

At The Beauty Kit, we are asked this question again and again, “What do I use first?!”

We get it, skincare is a bewildering myriad of options, not only do you need to try and find the type that suits you best, then you need to understand what order to use your products in.

Let us try and break it down for you in 5 easy steps…


  1. Cleanse – always cleanse… the first step to any good skincare routine is to have a clean base to start with. Wash away all the grime of the day, cleanse away your day’s makeup and treat your cleansed skin with the ingredients it craves.


If you can, double cleansing is always the best choice, giving your skin first an overall cleanse and then a deeper clean. If you can’t spare the time for this, just make sure to choose a cleanser that’s just right for your skin’s needs. Whether your skin is oily, dry or dull, choose the product that will give your skin the perfect polish to then start applying your products to really clean skin.


  1. Eye Cream

You want to treat the delicate eye area first because your eye cream is developed with the right consistency and ingredients to best suit that area of the skin. If you apply this later, its absorption might be limited by your moisturiser or serum.


Choose an eye cream to suit your needs best – one for dark circles, lines and wrinkles or puffiness.


  1. Serum

Serum is a lightweight product that contains a high concentration of active ingredients. They absorb quickly into your skin, boosting the efficacy of the formulas to best benefit your skin.  Some serums will hydrate your skin, while others will brighten the skin, depending on your skin’s needs, you can tailor your serum to suit your skin best.

With serums, always apply water-based serums before oil-based serums, if not your water-based products won’t absorb as well (since water and oil don’t mix!)


  1. Moisturiser

Your daily moisturiser is a must-have to keep your skin feeling comfortable and for targeting specific needs within your skin care regime. If you have concerns about lines and wrinkles, or dehydration, perhaps your skin is dull and needs to be given a brightening boost. Your daily moisturising cream should be chosen to best meet these needs.


  1. SPF

The final, and one of the most important steps to your routine should be the application of an SPF. Putting your SPF on last means that it will be your shield against harmful UV rays.  A minimum SPF of 30 should be used.


Anne Gallagher, 13th September 2021

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It was a great privilege to get the chance to share a little of our business journey for The Beauty Kit with RSVP magazine this week.

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